Thursday, September 3, 2015

Immigrants or allies?

Allan Carlson, former head of the Rockford Institute, once spoke glowingly of a dream to united the Christian Conservative-Orthodox Jew-Salafist Muslim worlds in a grand coalition against homosexual libertines like Pim Fortuyn and Dutch artist Van Gogh who was also assassinated. I take today such a grand coalition is an unholy alliance?

If French attitudes, for example, against SSM are as sharply divided as they are America (and compared to the rest Europe) it’s largely because Islamic opinion is making its weight felt. And its extremism is largely a reaction against such libertine values. This is what Fortuyn feared the most: a Holland under Sharia Law which have him stoned if followed fundamentally.

Traddy conservatives(again!) can’t have it both ways. Either you wish to preserve the homogenous nation-state with fellow compatriots like Fortuyn, warts and all, or you wish to use immigrant allies to promote your values. Well which is it? I hope I don’t see a blog post sometime soon saying “At least ISIS is against SSM!” If immigration is more important than Christian conservatism as a political ideology really does need a Benedict Option for itself.

The reality is immigration in the U.S. should not be as big a deal as portrayed in the U.S. media and certainly not as big a deal as it is in Europe where smaller countries really do face real crises with migrants and values. Islamic immigration to the U.S. is not very big as compared to that of those coming from south of the border. Those persons at least are more culturally compatible to a Christianize culture, however nominal, than Islamic extremists would be. Pim Fortuyn is not some 69-year old fella’ in a small town complaining about the immigrants at the food processing plant who makes sure his meat is at least on his fixed income and that’s where the difference lies.


  1. It's easy to morally pontificate when you're in an all-white county in rural Wisconsin. Try living where actual Americans are and maybe you'll widen your perspective.

    Also, nice cut and paste job.

  2. I should have known better than to think you had the balls to respond to me.

    Cuckservatives are all alike.